The Terroir

The Terroir

Great coffee comes from great beans, and great beans come from a great terroir. Terroir is the entire natural environment that particular coffee beans are produced, including elements such as the soil, topography, and climate.

At Brasil Coffee, we have the pleasure and satisfaction of selling DO BRASIL COFFEE, who source their beans from some of the best terroirs in Brazil. About a third of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil, and for good reason too. The beans grown from the soil in Brazil give the coffee a dark roasted quality without the bitter notes associated with inferior terroirs.

It comes as no surprise that DO BRASIL COFFEE works with growers that have their plantations on the most ideal land for high-quality Yellow Bourbon and Santos varieties. These terroirs bring out the amazing characteristics and uniqueness of each variety and affect how brewed coffee tastes.

Cerrado Mineiro

Due to its flat landscape and perfect growing conditions, Cerrado Mineiro has become, starting in the 1960s, one of the highest production terroirs of coffee beans in Brazil. Part of DO BRASIL’s love for Cerrado Mineiro started generations ago and they have built relationships with its farmers ever since.

Under one foundation, DO BRASIL COFFEE includes some 4,500 producers spread over 17,000 hectares and is supported by 9 cooperatives dedicated to putting a memorable cup of joe on your coffee table.

With every cup of coffee enjoyed from the beans of Cerrado Mineiro, you are guaranteed a blend of remarkable tastes and flavors distinctive to the terroir. Using mostly Mundo Novo and Catuai varieties, DO BRASIL COFFEE is bringing consumers and roasters an extraordinary coffee experience in a class of its own.

So now, when you think about terroir, think about the elements that go into growing coffee beans and the transformation that takes place from the land and into your cup!