Through our partnership with DO BRASIL COFFEE, you are guaranteed a cup of coffee that supports small, family-owned coffee estates in Brazil. Buying DO BRASIL Coffee means that you support Brazilian coffee growers through fair trade and sustainable agriculture.

Fair Trade

It’s important to DO BRASIL COFFEE that higher prices are paid to the farmers they have relationships with, as well as improved social and environmental standards. Farmers are the lifeblood of the coffee industry and without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the decadent flavors and aromas in each cup.

Through fair trade practices, DO BRASIL COFFEE ensures that the farmer’s costs of production are covered and that safety nets are put in place when market prices fall below a sustainable level. By paying fair prices, farmers can invest in enhancing the productivity and quality of their plantations and processing facilities.


Because DO BRASIL COFFEE supports sustainable agriculture, you get a cup of coffee that is not only safe but better tasting. The farmers that DO BRASIL COFFEE work with use fewer pesticides and fertilizers, which is healthier for the workers and saves the environment.

Farmers that practice sustainable coffee farming also receive higher profits because of the care that is given to each and every coffee tree and the quality of coffee beans that come from those practices. By using renewable resources and less water, sustainable coffee farming minimizes pollution as well, which benefits everyone around the world.

At Brasil Coffee, we are so happy to sell DO BRASIL COFFEE, because, like us, they care about the farmer’s wellbeing, sustainable farming practices, and the environment. And by supporting fair trade and sustainable farming practices, you can save the planet, support the farmers, and get a great cup of coffee all at the same time!