The Coffee

The Coffee

Here at Brasil Coffee, we are beyond fortunate to have a partner in DO BRASIL COFFEE that provides an astounding experience of the best coffee from Brazil. From the plantations of the growers in Brazil to the professional roasters in the Netherlands, our assurance in DO BRASIL COFFEE to deliver high-quality coffee in each and every cup is unwavering.

The Beans

When you think about Brazil, how can you not think about coffee? While other coffee bean regions in the world have gained popularity in recent years, Brazil remains the largest producer by a long shot because of the world’s demand for amazing flavors and aromas. When you take a sip of DO BRASIL COFFEE, you experience the perfect balance of flavors in the form of caramel, chocolate and fruit flavors, with the ideal amount of acidity to bring it together.

Yellow Bourbon

Let’s start with DO BRASIL Coffee’s 100% Arábica specialty blend that comes from the terroir of Cerrado Mineiro between altitudes of 800 and 1,300 meters. This medium roast coffee is everything you’ve ever wanted in a cup of joe, with caramel and honey tones present throughout, a soft touch of red berries to taste, and balanced acidity.

Santos Brazil

DO BRASIL COFFEE brings you another winner here with Santos Brazil. Another 100% Arábica that is a sweeter coffee than Yellow Bourbon, with low acidity, and velvety and striking aromas. Santos is a perfect all-round coffee that hits that happy medium of not too strong, not too sour, not too bitter, and not too sweet.

Born out of the love of their roots, DO BRASIL COFFEE stands out for quality coffee that you can smell and taste. Their relationship with sustainable coffee growers gives them access to their most special lots for each harvest and ensures that you get the best cup of coffee from every bag.